Now, if you know me, you will know that in 2016 alone, I ran half marathons almost every weekend during the Cape Town running season, I have completed 2 marathons so far, so saying I hate running makes no sense.

I understand what you are thinking, but let me explain.

I hate running, I always have. As I kid, at my schools’ sports day, I didn’t run at all or I wanted it over as soon as possible, so my choices were shot-put or 100 meter race. In Netball, I played the Goal Attack or Shooter positions which meant I didn’t have to run much. Basketball, I ran faster with the ball in my hands than without, it’s about purpose. I used it to my advantage, because I didn’t move much, defenders would forget about me and when I saw a gap on the basketball court, I went with speed as I wasn’t as tired as everyone else and the defence was too tired or nowhere near me J

Anyway back to running, so I don’t like running, I am addicted to the feeling of having completed a run, be it a slow run or a race. Starting is always difficult, that’s why I don’t let myself have those internal debates while in bed whether to run or not, I will always end up not running. I just do it!!!! Music helps to keep me going too, I tend to sing in my head instead of thinking how many kilometres I still have to get through. Also the adrenaline that kicks in is awesome too.

I started running because I had just stopped playing basketball and I needed to exercise and I couldn’t afford gym fees. Running was free, just put my shoes on (which was still my basketball sneakers) and hit the open road, now 3 years on,  I have clocked thousands of kilometres and I will keep on challenging myself as goals keep me going.

My next race will be the Gun Run half marathon on the 16th October, check out http://www.thegunrun.co.za for more information.

See you on the road!!!


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