So the last time I raced was the 18 September for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, I completed my 2nd marathon with groin pains and the “why did I do this” question repeating itself like that irritating catchy song you can’t get rid of. I did deserve a week or 2 off, which I did take but now it’s trying to head back into running where I am struggling.

I have managed to go to gym after work, even impressing myself further by going at 5:30am too but the running is still a bit hard to push for.

I’m in my 3rd week of still trying to run, I squeezed in a 5km run which was supposed to be 10km but due to my stomach showing me IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) tendencies, I had to stop and head back for the bathroom. FYI, I don’t have IBS, it’s just my stomach decided to act up, let’s get that clear.

So I have the Gun Run race this Sunday, I am running 21km. I have nothing but muscle memory on my side. I have had thoughts of not running but I did go and push people to do this race so I can’t pull out.

On the week of the race, there is nothing I can do but go for 5-7 kilometres and watch my diet.

Wish me luck and all the best to everyone running this Sunday!!!!

See you at the finish line


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