FIBA 3X3 World Champs, 11 – 15 Oct 2016

The 3×3 World Champs took place in Guangzhou China last week. The very best representing their National teams. The tournament featured 20 men and 20 women teams.

There were 5 events taking place, the men’s 3×3 tournament, the women 3×3 tournament, the Shout-out Contest (men & women), the Skills Contest (women) and the Dunk contest (men)

Day 1 and 2 saw teams playing each in their respective pools, the top 2 team from each pool progressed to the last 16 and played knock-out games all the way to the final.

The finals were between  Serbia vs USA (men) and Czech Republic vs Ukraine (women)

Winners: Serbia (men) & Czech Republic(women)

Final standings of the FIBA 3×3 World Championships


1. Serbia
2. USA
3. Slovenia
4. Spain
5. Qatar
6. Netherlands
7. Hungary
8. Uruguay
9. Philippines
10. Russia
11. Japan
12. Indonesia
13. Andorra
14. Romania
15. Italy
16. Egypt
18. China
19. New Zealand
20. Poland


1. Czech Republic
2. Ukraine
3. USA
4. Spain
5. France
6. Hungary
7. Netherlands
8. Argentina
9. Italy
10. China
11. Australia
12. New Zealand
13. Poland
14. Romania
15. Chinese Taipei
16. Andorra
17. Indonesia
18. Macau
19. Japan
20. Cook Islands

It would be great to see South Africa have a team taking part next world champs. To take part in the World Championships, your National federation selects the individuals who will be in the team.

In order to be eligible to be selected, players would have to:

  1. Have the nationality of the country you are representing
  2. Register on
  3. Take part in a minimum of 2 FIBA-endorsed 3×3 events

We will be chatting with Fiba Africa to find out how or when 3×3 tournaments can also take place on South Africa soil.

Watch this space!!!

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