Outsurance Gun Run 21.1 km Race Review

The morning started off with me struggling to wake up, I am sure I snoozed my alarm about 10 times.

When I finally won the battle and woke up at 5:00 am, I started getting ready. I had my usual pre-race meal, low GI toast with peanut butter, banana and teaspoon of honey. I usually have a can of Scheckters energy drink but I noticed that I didn’t have any so black coffee with no sugar was my morning drink.

It was a rainy morning so I was a bit worried that I might be running in the rain throughout the whole 21.1km but the rain stopped and there was some drizzle along the route but mostly cloudy with a lot of sun towards the end of the race.

The race started  on Beach Road, Mouille Point,  first 9.5km was flat and easy, we then got to Kloof street and the road was uphill for about a 1km. Once you got through that it was downhill towards Camps Bay and then flat along Clifton, the Sea Point Promenade all the way to the finish line at the Green Point Rugby fields.

I had a good run until my groin muscles started aching at the 17km mark, I had this pain for the first time when I ran the Sanlam CT Marathon last month. To manage the groins I had to walk it out, which lead to me losing some time.

Finished the race in 2:46:25, 16 mins slower than the time I wanted to achieve.


Gun Run is an amazing flat and beautiful race, the best race to achieve a PB (performance best)

Next race will be the ATC Sunset time trial race on Wednesday


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