This race has become a “must-attend” in my company. We first took part, earlier this year in February where departments raced against each other. The lead up to this race is always fun in the office, people challenging and psyching each other up. Well in the February race, the marketing department came last, I was the last one in the company to leave so everyone was waiting for me to get back. To be fair to my department, I am the only regular runner in the team, so you are basically as strong as your team.

This time around, the teams were inter-departmental, I was the only female in my relay team. As much as my team mates told me there is no pressure as they know that I am a longer distance runner, I still felt the pressure to finish the 3km as fast as I can. What I learnt from the February race is that I shouldn’t go too fast, my lungs are not used to me sprinting for 3km, they are used to pacing it.

I left the Green Point Cricket stadium in a good pace, or so I thought. When I hit the halfway mark, my throat were dry and my lungs were asking me “what the hell”? I had to take a short walk and get a bit of water from the fountains in Green Point park and push through.

Taking off, my face is so focused. Image courtesy of skatz photography

Once I got through the park and downhill to the finish line, it was great seeing my colleagues encouraging me to get to the finish line and hand the baton (which was a hair band) over to our teams’ finisher. My company, Lasec, entered 7 teams and my team finished 3rd overall. I am not sure where my company finished overall because we are more concerned with the internal competition than what is happening with other companies.

This is an amazing race to enter, its flat and quick. I encourage everyone to grab their friends and colleagues and enter this relay race.

The next one will be in February 2017

Hope to see you there


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