Road to Berlin Marathon 2017

Wednesday, 30 November 2016, was a day a lot of runners around the world where anxiously checking their inboxes. I…… was one of them!

We all registered to enter the lottery to win a spot to run the Berlin Marathon 2017. The entries closed on the 2 November, so we had a whole month of waiting for the 30th to know if you got a starting spot.

I was a bit hectic at work, organising  year-end functions but I did keep taking a second or two to scan my inbox. Also the week before I got the regret email from the 2 Oceans Half marathon lottery, so I didn’t feel too positive.

At exactly 10:12, I got an email from SCC Events who organise the race, I opened was in German, scrolled down to the bottom for the English version and……….I got a spot!!!!!


So I will be running my first World Marathon Major on the 24 September 2017. I will be blogging my journey next year so keep checking the blog 🙂

See you on the road!!!


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