The Journey Begins – Road To Berlin Marathon

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I received the amazing news that I got a starting spot for the 44th BMW Berlin Marathon. The race will take place on Sunday, 24 September 2017.

Preparations for the trip have begun, I have booked my accommodation which is 2km away from the race start. I’ve also decided to stay a week after the race so I can do some ‘touristy’ things and head to Munich for Oktoberfest before heading back home. I will look at flights early next year.

I had a squiz (look) at the 2016 BMW Berlin marathon race course to see how many hills there are, if any. I need to prepare for those hills, I really don’t like hill training but it has to be done. The amazing thing about the city I call home, Cape Town, there are an array of hills to choose from so hill training will be incorporated. Also, it doesn’t hurt that all the hills come with amazing views.

December will be a month of maintaining the current fitness, the body is exhausted, it’s been a hectic year. So it will just be gym sessions and spinning classes to keep the legs strong.Currently completing my 6 week Nike+ Training plan.

The hard training will kick off in January, this will include strength training sessions in the gym, trail runs, hikes around Cape Town, and lots of 21km-30km races and long runs.

I will be sharing my monthly training plan, you are welcome to join any of the training days. January plan will be live at the end of this month.

See you on the road!!

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