Road to Berlin Marathon – Training week 3

Last week was quite a push, I trained 3 days in a row (Mon – Wed). Thanks to my friends that joined me on my runs on Seapoint Promenade, all the support is highly appreciated.

Started the week off with a morning run, in the evening I went for my usual spinning class, I have to get the legs strong. Tuesday and Wednesday I ran 5.66km respectively at a tempo pace to get the lungs and muscles to work.

I know some people were not too sure what to do on strength training day. If you belong to a gym, you can do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, if you need someone to show you, i.e personal trainer but don’t have the money to hire a personal trainer,use Nike+ Training Club on strengthening days, they have sessions that are 15 to 45mins long, I usually start with a 10min warm-up on the treadmill, rowing machine or bike at the gym followed by a Nike+ workout. Adidas MiCoach also has a free app as well.

I am quite happy with my training schedule and now need to be more focused on nutrition, it’s always been the one area I seem to not get right. I have tried different diet plans that I have read in the various magazines/blogs and websites. This year I will be seeking the help of a dietician. Along this journey I will share what works for me and the various other nutritional information that I come across and try. It’s always best to be knowledgeable but the only way you will know if a eating plan works for you is by trial and error. Your race training period is the best time to find out what works, you don’t want to try anything new on race day……ever!!!!

All the best for crushing your goals this week.

Let me know if you have a race that you are training for and have any tips that have worked for you.

See you on the road.


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