Road to Berlin Marathon – Training Week 4 – 7

It’s been a while since I updated on the training, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. The training continues, my body is slowly starting to adjust to  running a lot of mileage again. With the increase in kilometers in the coming weeks, nutrition and rest in between the runs and gym days will be vital and important.

The advantages of having scientists as colleagues who also happen to be runners, they offer great advice regarding nutrition, after a lot of mornings arriving to work a bit exhausted from my runs, my colleague suggested that I should try taking Chia seeds. I have been putting off drinking too much energy drinks, so getting a healthier alternative was great. What is great with Chia seeds is I can put it in my smoothies, salads and drink it in water (not the greatest taste). It has helped with the energy levels in the last few weeks and it’s also a great source of protein so my muscles are nourished as well, so I will continue drinking it.

I am continuing to schedule hikes on weekends to keep the legs strong, 3 weeks ago, my friends and I hiked up the Newlands forest, it was the first time hiking up there. We pushed ourselves by running up some of the inclines to get the legs and lungs working harder. Later, I attended the Womens Health magazine and adidas Fit Night Out, it was 4 hours of sweating in 32 degree heat,I had a great sunburn. Got to meet some amazing Fitness Stars, Adidas Ambadassors and awesome women. Also, once a week I do a 40 minute session at Biskop stairs in Clifton with the boys, they are constantly pushing me.

This week is about getting the short intense runs done, they will help in getting the body efficient, I am aiming to get my muscles better at using oxygen, getting the heart stronger so it can deliver more oxygen to the muscles, this will assist in running faster so I can finish my races at a better time. This is called increasing the VO2 max, read more about it here. After the Lion of Africa Half Marathon, I could feel that it was working. By adding 1 or 2 sessions of running faster than my 5km pace, it helps that body get stronger.

The next race is the Constantia K-way 15km on Saturday 11 March. Online entries have closed but you can still enter on race day 5am-6am.

See you on the road!!!





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