Road to Berlin – Training Week 8 – 12

It’s been weeks since I posted about my journey to Berlin Marathon. 2017 has been a bit hectic with new job and also being back at University studying. As much as that has lead to me not posting on my blog, it certainly has not stopped my training.

I’ve had to change my runs to mornings since I have to attend classes at University in the evenings. It was a bit hard in the beginning, it meant I had long days from Monday until Thursday, by the 3rd week I was in a routine my body could handle. I have continued with 3-4 short morning runs during the week and then long runs or hikes on weekends. Had a bit of bad time with nutrition, stress got the better of me and I usually eat badly during stressful periods but thanks to the runs I was able to put a handle on it

I have about 4 and a half months to go until the Berlin Marathon, and the increase in kilometres will continue, I will be running 30 – 35 km on weekends. This is always the hard part for me because firstly its winter, so its dark and cold, I can forget about any of my friends joining me physically in the training, they will opt for the “with you in spirit” kind of support. Thanks to my friends, I’ve been able to conquer some hikes like Constantia, Newlands Forest, Table Mountain, Lions Head and Pipe Track Trail, which has helped in strengthening the legs and helping with the slight runners knee. The amazing thing about my City and surrounds, there is always a hike to attempt. The victory of completion and the views make it all worth it.

The Cape Town running season will also be quiet during winter, I will be running 2 races before the season ends and it’s the Slave Route Half Marathon on Sunday the 14th and the Fnb Cape Town 12km One Run on the 22nd of May. The Slave Route Half Marathon will be a good race to gauge whether my training and fitness are at a good point and the FNB race will be a good practice for Berlin as it is a fast flat race.

So it’s still all systems go for the Berlin Marathon 2017, I am excited and the countdown continues


See you on the road!!!


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