Road to Berlin Marathon! 10 weeks to go!

It’s exactly 10 weeks and 6 days to the race start (time is flying!!!)

I have been consistent with the short and long runs, strength training and speed work. Continuing to focus on my nutrition and getting stronger. With winter officially here, the weather has not been great for hiking but it doesn’t stop the runs.

Travel preparations have also been done, all flights and accommodation have been booked for the race and the post-race tourist activities. Just awaiting the Schengen visa appointment, yay!!!

Since my last blog post, I ran the Slave Route 21km, which is a wonderful race that takes you through all the historic sites around Cape Town, like the Castle of Good Hope, Slave Museum and the slave post where slaves were put on display and sold during apartheid. I also race the FNB 12 km race which is a flat & fast race from Milnerton to lower Bree Street. I used these 2 races as a benchmark to test my pace and speed. I finished 10 minutes faster than last year which is good but some work still needs to be done.

The next 8-9 weeks, I will continue to focus on my run form, speed work, strengthening and nutrition, all while making sure that I don’t overexert my muscles which could lead to a muscle strain or worse an injury. I missed out on a week of running due to being sick and I don’t want to be one of those runners that want to make up by pushing too hard. It is winter so looking after that immune system is key, some citrus fruit for the Vitamin C will help, rest days are just as crucial.

The excitement is continuing to build, I have been watching YouTube videos of runners that ran the Berlin Marathon and reading about their experience. Can’t wait to share the experience but first training, travel to race and race day.

See you on the road!!!



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