Eliud Kipchoge aims to break the Berlin Marathon record

Eliud Kipchoge, one of the best marathon runners currently will aim to break the Berlin Marathon record. I got to know more about this amazing runner when he was announced as one of the 3 runners Nike selected to attempt to break the Sub 2 hour time for a marathon. Eliud along with Lelisa Desisa & Zersenay Tadese ran their first attempt of breaking the sub 2 hour mark in Monza Italy, they finished at 2:00:25 under special conditions.

Image courtesy of Nike

Eliud won the Berlin Marathon in 2:04:00 despite his running insoles flapping through most of the race. The current record for the Berlin is 2:03:23 and Eliud feeling positive and strong from the sub 2 hour attempt will push to break the record. Berlin Marathon is well known for its fast and flat course so its the best race to attempt a world record.

I wish Eliud all the best in his attempt, it will be amazing to see this live :). Let me just continue to aim to just finish the race

Image courtesy of Nike

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