Mdlalikazi, meaning female player, is about the love of Women in Sports & fitness, the sports people that inspire us and everything in between.


Why I started this blog

I have a passion for sport, particularly women in sport, I was that little girl that constantly tried a new sport every 3 months, thank goodness my mother had patience and let me just do it. I know what sport can do for young people because of what it did for me, stayed out of troubled and travelling the world representing my country. I have various people from different walks of life that inspire me and in turn leads to me always want to push myself.

This blog is all about the crazy fitness things I try, like marathons, trail runs, basketball, triathlons and the people I get to meet along the way that somehow convince my non-athletic looking bod to keep ticking things of a bucket list I did not create. Its also about supporting the many men and women using sport to guide the young, motivate the un- sporty and generally trying to have a healthy lifestyle. Its not about being skinny, its about being healthy so that when I am 60 years old, I don’t have to first swallow 20 pills just to get through the day.

Hope you enjoy this blog 🙂

Stay motivated

Ayanda Vumazonke