Now, if you know me, you will know that in 2016 alone, I ran half marathons almost every weekend during the Cape Town running season, I have completed 2 marathons so far, so saying I hate running makes no sense.

I understand what you are thinking, but let me explain.

I hate running, I always have. As I kid, at my schools’ sports day, I didn’t run at all or I wanted it over as soon as possible, so my choices were shot-put or 100 meter race. In Netball, I played the Goal Attack or Shooter positions which meant I didn’t have to run much. Basketball, I ran faster with the ball in my hands than without, it’s about purpose. I used it to my advantage, because I didn’t move much, defenders would forget about me and when I saw a gap on the basketball court, I went with speed as I wasn’t as tired as everyone else and the defence was too tired or nowhere near me J

Anyway back to running, so I don’t like running, I am addicted to the feeling of having completed a run, be it a slow run or a race. Starting is always difficult, that’s why I don’t let myself have those internal debates while in bed whether to run or not, I will always end up not running. I just do it!!!! Music helps to keep me going too, I tend to sing in my head instead of thinking how many kilometres I still have to get through. Also the adrenaline that kicks in is awesome too.

I started running because I had just stopped playing basketball and I needed to exercise and I couldn’t afford gym fees. Running was free, just put my shoes on (which was still my basketball sneakers) and hit the open road, now 3 years on,  I have clocked thousands of kilometres and I will keep on challenging myself as goals keep me going.

My next race will be the Gun Run half marathon on the 16th October, check out for more information

See you on the road!!!


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